My mom used to scold me for staring at strangers.

But I’d like to think it wasn’t so much staring as it was simply getting a better look.

Now I’ve made a living from being perceptive — listening, watching and learning to gain a deeper understanding of what matters to a brand and their audience. I’m never happier than when I get to craft a story, whether it's the mission statement of a small business owner, a short film about a couple in love, or a new product line for a Fortune 500 company. Expertly executed, strategic storytelling that’s also compelling — it's a beautiful and elusive thing. And it's why I’m always trying to get a better look.


Noteworthy professional moments (so far):

  • Received a Telly Award for Student Documentary at 17 years old
  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BJ in Strategic Communications at one of the top Journalism schools in the world
  • Won some ADDYs at a top-ranking digital agency in Kansas City, Missouri
  • Currently the voice of an international tech brand Fast Company just named one of the Most Innovative Companies in 2014

Noteworthy personal moments (so far):

  • Studied abroad and worked for JWT Specialized Communications in London, England during the summer of 2006
  • Moved to LA in the winter of 2011
  • Opened an Etsy Shop in the summer of 2012
  • Rescued a stray Terrier mix from a donut shop later that same summer
  • Married my hero and BFF in the fall of 2013